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The Whiskey Project Group embodies a high performance culture, with a team united by purpose, passion, vision, and tenacity.


Experts in our fields and with exacting standards, we come from a myriad of backgrounds but share the common values of
Ownership, Integrity, Respect, Teamwork, and the Continual Pursuit of Excellence.


The Whiskey Project Group is proud to have made a Veteran’s Employment Commitment, and many of The Whiskey Project Group workforce are veterans and reservists.  

We are committed to continuing to seek opportunities to provide pathways for veterans into our organisation and we recognise the skills and experience of veterans and it is our aim to be part of the solution to providing better employment outcomes for veterans.

At ADM Congress 2020, Managing Director Darren Schuback outlined some of the Skills from Defence he believes have helped shape The Whiskey Project Group. Watch here:

Upcoming job opportunities will be listed on this page so please check back in.

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