The Whiskey Project Group is an 100% Australian owned and operated business that is helping to secure the future of Australia’s end-to-end capability for military and specialist watercraft.



The Whiskey Project Group heralds a new era in Australia’s maritime industrial capability and is dedicated
to securing the future of Australia as a global leader in specialist watercraft design and manufacturing.


The Whiskey Project Group is an Australian veteran owned business, building operator-focused watercraft that provide
optimal performance and protection for those who risk their lives in the strategic maritime environment. 



The Whiskey Project Group’s values run deep across all of our businesses, a synergy which was foundational in our
recent acquisitions of Naiad and YWE, and are integral to our success as a business and as a team.


Australian Veteran Owned Business

The Whiskey Project Group is an Australian Veteran Owned Business harnessing the expertise, insights and values of
Australian veterans to provide a competitive advantage for the men and women who still serve.



Effect-centric design thinking of true innovation underpins
The Whiskey Project Group’s product development and associated R&D programs. 


End user collaboration across Group customers feeds our culture of constant innovation and continual pursuit of excellence, as we maintain our core focus on creating operator-focused watercraft that provide the optimal performance and protection for those who risk their lives in the strategic maritime environment.  


With an unwavering focus on delivering customers and end-users with a competitive advantage, we work with leading engineers, architects, innovators, academia and both emerging and established Australian organisations to integrate advanced materials and new technologies into our watercraft to develop new capabilities, a new global benchmark for performance, and new efficiencies across
The Whiskey Project Group family of watercraft.


If you’d like to learn more about The Whiskey Project Group, we’d like to hear from you.